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Why should I train my dog?

A well-trained dog becomes an enjoyable companion as well as an asset to the family.  He can go many more places than an untrained one. All dogs need leadership and structure in order to be content in the home environment. Most people struggle with that concept and don't know how to go about it. They think just loving the dog will in turn make the dog love them and therefore the pet will voluntarily comply with the owner's wishes. Think again! Dogs are pack animals and only follow you if you are the leader! This is where a well-conducted training class comes in. We will teach you how to be your dogs leader. Remember the "dog whisperer"? "Rules, boundaries and limitations!"

What kind of training does my dog need?

Every dog should start off with Basic Obedience and manners. This class teaches your dog to behave properly in everyday life. All training is done on leash. Your dog will learn heel on a loose leash, sit, down, stay, and wait at a door and come when called.

There is no need to stop there! Your dog has the potential to go a lot further than just the basics. Check out a few more of the advanced classes that All About Pets has to offer.

Puppy Kindergarten: For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months. We emphasize socialization, housebreaking solutions, preventing and solving behavior problems, grooming tips and address basic animal husbandry issues. Of course they will learn the basic commands as well, but in a more relaxed and age appropriate fashion.

Intermediate Obedience: For dogs who have completed basic obedience and want to work towards off leash obedience. Strengthen your existing obedience, stand, fronts, and finishes. May test for Canine Good Citizens (CGC) at the end of class.

Advanced Obedience: All exercises done off leash. Motion exercises and hand signals will be added to the routine.

Agility: We are still working on that, we have some equipment, but are still looking for somebody to teach this ...know anybody?

Conformation: For those who would like to show their dogs in the ring. Learn attention, movement, stacking, handling, behavior modification, ring procedures and tricks of the trade.

Private lessons  are available  throughout the week.