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Our philosophy in the grooming area is to make it as pleasant an experience for your pet as possible.  We calm them by talking to them and letting the really anxious ones wander around the office for a while to take the edge off.

 However, we never use tranquilizers!

Our groomer and bathers are dedicated "dog people" and that translates into the handling of the pet and the dog "gets it!". Most of the time they end up with "dog kisses"..and that is very rewarding, especially after calming down a very nervous dog. Our groomer who deserves the title of  "Cookeville dog whisperer" because she has this special rapport with dogs (and cats) is very experienced in both clip and scissor cuts and strives to meet your need in every aspect. If in doubt she will call you and ask about your preferences and if you don't like it, we'll fix it!

All dogs are hand-dried, so no scorching is possible. Needless to say we also see to the needs of the short-coated breeds with bathing, toe-nail clipping and deshedding. We  use only  the best products on the market for coat and skin care and all dogs go home smelling "heavenly." 

Click here to here a testimonial from Rita -  a satisfied grooming customer!

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