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Frequently Asked Questions

Why our facility?

All About Pets realizes that animals are happier when their experience is as stress- free as possible . We have set our priority in this area. Being of German descend I insist on a meticulously  clean, odorless and comfortable environment. We follow your feeding and care instructions to the letter. When grooming we strive to meet your expectations and often call customers if we are in doubt as to what you want done.

Do we use tranquilizers?

Emphatically no!

Can I bring my own bedding, food, treats, toys, etc?

Of course you can!

What shampoo and conditioners do you use?

All natural, premier Shampoos, Conditioners and Fragrances (and your dog goes home smelling "heavenly").

What dog food do we feed (and sell)?

QC Plus.  It is not well known but it is worth every penny. It has all natural ingredients without  additives. It is sourced entirely within the United States. No "China" syndrome here. Ask to see the comparison chart with other dog foods the next time you are in our office....you will be amazed as to what you will learn about the dog food you are feeding now (especially the one that is so highly recommended by your vet...'nuff said).