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Stress-free Boarding

We offer spacious indoor/outdoor runs which are air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter. To reduce stress we play music 24 hours a day. (During thunder storms we turn the volume way up to drown out the noise). You can book play yard time up to 5 times a day, depending on the activity level of your pet. During that time we emphasize interaction between our caring staff and your dog. We also encourage you to bring personal items (like bedding, a favorite toy or a chewie) to make their stay more like home. We encourage you to bring the food that your pet's  system is used to, to avoid tummy upsets. 

Our basic charges for boarding are on a sliding scale starting at $12.00 for dogs up to 20 lbs and increase by $1.00 for every 15lbs of body weight thereafter.

Click here to hear a testimonial from Lynn - a satisfied boarding customer!

We are very proud to have been voted the "Best of the Best" in Pet Boarding for 2014! Thank you to all of our loyal customers - we couldn't do it without you!! Best of the Best 2014

Separate Cattery

The cattery is totally separate from the dog facility. We have very large “kitty condos ” complete with resting benches on 2 levels and their own litter box, of course. If your cat eats only your particular brand of food (some tend to be finicky), please bring it with you. The daily rate for a cat is $11.00.

Puppy Day Care

Puppy Day Care is a fun time for your pup. We usually do it in conjunction with potty training. But that is not where it stops!  Your pup is being socialized (and that is an invaluable experience for the rest of his/her life...ask anybody who went through it!) We have playtime, naptime, and there are always rewards! An exhausted pup is a good pup! It will only cost you $10.00 per day for puppy sitting.